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Film is becoming increasingly a new field of work for me. Frame to frame animation, edited digital drawings or filmed sketches seems to lead me into a new way to bring my drawings into live. Here’s a few examples, mostly commissions from recent years.

Digital drawings that were commissioned  by RTP3 (national television) to work as trailers. The soundtrack was later made by RTP / Pedro Silveira Ramos.

A ESPERA. Commissioned by EGEAC (Lisbon City Council Arts Management) as part of a challenge for the making of a short film portraying the city viewed from our home windows, during covid. Music by Filipe Raposo

OS FUTUROS PASSADOS DE LISBOA. Commissioned by Museu da Cidade (Lisbon City Museum) as an installation for the Futuros de Lisboa (Lisbon futures) exhibition in 2018. Text by Nuno Artur Silva and original music by Filipe Raposo

O MAL ENTENDIDO: AS DOENÇAS A QUE CHAMAMOS CANCRO. Some examples of the many clips I was commissioned by Portuguese TV channel SIC. They were part of a documentary series reporting on Cancer.

SALGUEIRO MAIA. This is a tribute to Salgueiro Maia, the captain who lead the 25th April revolution in Portugal, putting an end to 48 years of fascism. The film was made with the drawings that I’ve created to the book with the same name (Pato Lógico, 2013). It was presented at a concert in Lisbon comemorating the 40th aniversary of the revolution.

BLUE WHALE. Commissioned by Museum of Natural History and Science of the University of Porto in 2016, this film was made with digital drawings over documental photographs. Soundtrack by Fernando Mota, Danças Ocultas and Bernardo Sassetti.

ALMENARA. Commissioned by Lisbon’s and Palmela’s castles in 2016, this is a short film narrating an episode of portuguese history. In 1384, fire (almenara) was used to communicate during a siege by the spanish army. Soundtrack by Danças Ocultas.


LISBON, WHO ARE YOU? Trailer of the film/multimedia show I’ve wrote and directed that took place at st. George’s castle is Lisbon every evening between March and October 2012. It used AV technology, drawing and motion graphics linking the past and present icons from the city of Lisbon. Without a language barrier it features only image and portuguese instrumental music.

DRAWN REPORTAGE. Commissioned by Lisbon City Council in 2013, featuring drawings and interviews made at neighborhood community projects. Original Music by Fernando Mota.

FROM A TO B. My first frame to frame animation sketch, that I’ve made while studying at the Slade School of Fine Art in 1997.